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Parades happen in every big city and many small towns. They are fun Roman Josi Predators Jersey , relaxing and most people are there because they really want to be. Parades are a wonderful marketing tool if you know what to do! I recommend being a part of your local town parades. For most local home towns, it only takes a convertible and some decorations. The biggest parade in my home town is the Rose Parade because I grew up in Pasadena. There are not too many locals in that parade, but the little know Doo-Dah Parade is FULL of locals and locals watching it. When people like a particular float or group, they throw soft tortillas at them. Most local parades are covered by the local cable company.

As you pass by the announcers will give your information on television. If you are in the parade, you can increase your face-name recognition. If you judge the parade Viktor Arvidsson Predators Jersey , you name and business will be announced to the crowd. Parades allow you to give out promotional items to the crowd. Parades also allow you to show off contest winners. If your business held a contest, get a convertible and the contest winners and get into the parade! Most parades are very low cost or free to participate in.

I love a parade because it can also get you interviews by local television, magazine and radio stations. Find out what is going on in your town. You usually have to sign up about 2 months in advance but if you just heard about something at the last minute, try and get in. I have seen people get into parades the morning of the sign up. But early sign up means, everyone will have your name and number. Publicity means being creative! Parades allow you to promote your business or website and support the community at the same time.

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The third aspect of the New ScienceSocial Paradigm I'd like to consider today is more amorphous and far more sensitive than the two I've suggested so far. It is the melding of science and religion.

Perhaps in no time since Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of thdoor of the Castle church at Wittenburg (1517) Craig Smith Predators Jersey , or Calvin published his Institutes (1534) has religion been in such spiritual chaos. No one set out the serious concern of this age of religious chaos better than did Fritz Shumacher in ?Guide to the Perplexed.? Other scholars of the times like Gregory Bateson, Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Mead and others had a clear but unproclaimed religious character to their works. Schumacher's was the first, most profound, and most open declaration of the age of spiritual turmoil.

The religious chaos of the 1960s and ?70s was most clearly and dramatically proclaimed by the beads Mattias Ekholm Predators Jersey , incense, granny dresses, long hair and horned rimmed glasses of the hippies. It was also declared by movements such as T.M., est, Hari Krishna Colton Sissons Predators Jersey , the search for Eastern religions, the return of paganism, shamanism and Wiccan. It was expressed in the Broadway musicals Hair, and Jesus Christ Superstar, and in the attempt to escape from social hills with psychedelic drugs. The concept of ?New Age? started out to be Kyle Turris Predators Jersey , more like Shumaker's ?Small is Beautiful,? a critique and correction of the excesses of the Industrial Age. It ended up being identified, particularly by its critics, and the press, as being an off beat and occult religious movement Dan Hamhuis Predators Jersey , more likely to end up with the Jonestown and the more recent UFO induced suicides or other strange behaviors than in any serious revival of a deeper sense of spirituality.

Schumacher in ?Guide to the Perplexed? took the high road and recognized that the meandering search for meaning of the hippie generation was a deeper and more profound expression of the age than was being recognized by mainstream society. In ?Small is Beautiful? Schumacher had been concerned with what we do. In ?Guide to the Perplexed? he was concerned with why we do it. He recognized two kinds of science. One was ?knowledge for manipulation,? the other ?knowledge for understanding.? The former led to techniques and technologies for the satisfaction of the lower visible level of human wants. The later led to the higher values, meaning and purpose for life. As he said: ?It may conceivably be possible to live without churches; but it is not possible to live without religion, that is, without systematic work to keep in contact with Juuse Saros Gold Jersey , and develop toward, Higher Levels than those of ordinary life. ... Everywhere in the modern world there are experiments in new it is sometimes tolerated even in polite society to mention God.?

The Evolution of God

Belief in powers beyond the human level have been with us since humans first became conscious of themselves and the world into which they were born. Stories of creation, and speculation on the higher power have filled the human mind, and were the rocks on which cultures were built in every part of the world.

Throughout history humanity's understanding of that great power that created and controls the universe has grown, like the understanding of the physical cosmos and of biological life Mikael Granlund Gold Jersey , through many transitions. The evolution of our understanding of the Christian God is the one most familiar to us.

The first God of the Bible was a fierce and vengeful god to be feared. He was one of many gods (or baals) each of whom ruled over a limited people in a limited territory. The God of Abraham could command human sacrifice. Jacob wrestled all night face to face with his God. By the time of Isaiah, God had grown to be the creator of the world, the greatest among all gods. Jeremiah taught, God was not in the Temple but in the heart of humans. He had created the world for human use. The god of Moses lived on a Mountain in the Sinai desert from which he handed down the ethical rules for his chosen people, the Jews. With the teachings of Jesus Roman Josi Gold Jersey , god took off his demeanor of wrath and punishment to become an all loving god prom.

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